WPML translation issue


In a recent project we’ve run up against a tedious issue with the WPML plugin. WPML is that plugin that allows you to turn WordPress in a pretty powerful multilingual CMS. When clicking on the + icon to add a post or page translation and saving, WPML created a new post or page disconnected from the original.

The “This is the translation of” select was automatically set to “none” and there was no way to change it. After a bit of googling, we’ve found the solution!

Run the following query in PhpMyAdmin:

select * from wp_icl_translations where element_id is null

If you get some results (we got a couple of pages), make a backup of your database (just in case) and remove all the records which resulted from the query above. Then, try again to add a translation and everthing should work perfectly :-)

Posted on Thursday 03 January 2013 at 11:32

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