• Web
August 2011

A leading company in the telephony field, 3 Italia currently numbers 9,034 millions of clients. Madeincima has worked on the design, HTML/CSS templates and all the jQuery features for all the different stages of the shopping cart on the website www.tre.it.

This project was realized in partnership
with TMM S.r.l..


  • Design
  • HTML/CSS Templates
  • jQuery development
  • Accessibility and Usability

Url: http://3store.tre.it


The 3Store area allows to purchase phones, USB keys and many other products of the Tre range directly online.

This is actually a key section of the website www.tre.it, which required exhaustive usability studies in order to guarantee users an easy and quick purchase process

The static templates we have realised have then been delivered to TMM S.r.l., which dealt with the insertion into PHP pages and the subsequent publication on the website Tre.it.

Madeincima has also realised some of the jQuery features that can be found on the website, such as the content loading via Ajax of the cart steps and the representation of some kinds of information within tooltips appearing on hover (see example below).


Form Validation

Among the many jQuery features we have developed, the validation system of the form fields for the entry of personal data and payment details is particularly interesting.

If the user does not fill one of the compulsory fields, Javascript control tests are run when the form is submitted, to make sure that the client-side fields have been filled properly.

Should one or more errors be found, a clear error message is shown at the top of the form, providing the user with all the necessary directions to carry on with the purchase process.