• Identity
August 2010
Logo Dolomiti

Madeincima took part to the "Dolomiti Unesco World Heritage" logo design contest.

The integration between logotype and iconic part creates a strong visual connection between the two elements. Thanks to this connection, a silhouette of the mountains becomes visible in the white space.

Unfortunately our logo didn't win the contest but, as the work was really good, we decided to include it in our portfolio.

This project was realized in partnership
with Maria Liana Dinacci.

Logo Dolomiti BN

We just love the combination of Dolomiti and diamonds, symbol of preciousness and purity.

The logo was realized in different versions: positive, negative, shades of grey, B&W etc.

We've also produced samples of business cards, headed paper, envelops and folders.

Dolomiti brand identity

Right underneath you can see some samples that show the logo usage on different supports and materials.
We designed t-shirts and car serigraphy.