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May 2010

Fitlinewas founded in 2002 by best mates, Dan Readman and Chris Sinclair. Their purpose is "a better life".

For their team this means to provide a healthy, positive and professional environment in which they can become a respected professional within the fitness industry and amongst your peers.

This project was realized in partnership
with GetStarted.


  • Design

Url: http://www.fitline.com.au


Getstarted did few concepts for the homepage but none of them satisfied the client completely. All of them were great designs, but the client felt that the website was lacking structure somehow. Here is where we were asked to give our contribution.

Madeincima designed a completely new concept, keeping in mind the feedback from the client. All the previous designs had a white or light background and we thought that a dark background with some changes to the layout could have sorted the "lack of structure" issue. In fact, a black background usually helps drive the users' eyes towards the main content area, reducing that feeling of surplus of whitespace.

The result was a bold and masculine website for a beautiful fitness center in Melbourne. The client really liked our new design and signed it off straight away. Afterwards, the guys in Getstared designed all the inner pages based on the new home page design and developed the whole website in Kentico.