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March 2010
Gardens Medical Group

Garden Medical Group aim to lead through excellence in all health services.

Their policy is to see all sick children on the day requested.

This project was realized in partnership
with GetStarted.


  • Design
  • HTML/CSS Templates
  • jQuery development
  • Accessibility and Usability

Url: http://www.thegardensmedical.com.au

Gardens Medical Group

Each doctor has it's own detail sheet with information on his career and specializations.

These info are accessible through a lighbox which pops up while the rest of the page gets a dark overlay.

This technique allows the user to focus on the specific content only, without getting distracted by the other elelements on the page.

GMG Location and Contact

The contact page shows all the info to get in touch with the clinic, an interactive map, opening hours and a contact form.

The structure of the page is very well organized. There's quite a lot of information in a tiny area but the readability of the page is very well preserved.

Secondary menus appear when the user moves the mouse hover one of the main items in the top menu.

This means that secondary navigation is always accessible on every page, helping the user browsing the site.

Gardens Medical Group