• Web
May 2010

Stratsec is one of the leading providers of independent information security consulting and testing services in Australia and the South East Asian region. The company has offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Singapore and Malaysia.

This project was realized in partnership
with GetStarted.


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Design
  • HTML/CSS Templates
  • jQuery development
  • Accessibility and Usability

Url: http://www.stratsec.net


Madeincima was involved in this project from the very beginning, doing some research and producing all the wireframes. The final design is the merger of our design and another one which was done GetStarted. Usually putting two different designs together doesn't work great, but this time, it definitely did!

We designed most of the inner pages then and developed all the XHMTL/CSS templates and all the jQuery functionality of the website. Madeincima worked side by side with a developer from Get Started who put all our templates into Kentico, the CMS behind the scenes.